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This online database, called CBLogBook, can be used free of charge by any CB radio worldwide.

The last 15 contacts

281 flag 30SD5922021-04-1519:02:0011 m 18 VOG 001USB
212 flag 178TRC2122021-04-1518:52:2811 m 31LR001Maceira/LeiriaRuiUSB
281 flag 30MW0272021-04-1112:02:3311 m OMEGAUSB
281 flag 30MW0272021-04-1112:00:2311 m OMEGAUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642021-04-0618:54:0011 m 143ON01ST LUCIA ISLANDDOUDOUUSB
108 flag 3ET1792021-04-0521:00:0011 m 22RC102French GuianaSaïdUSB
223 flag CT37692021-04-0419:10:0111 m CT1669londonfred in thUSB
108 flag 3ET1792021-04-0316:30:0011 m 32IR001Arauco - ChileFelipeUSB
108 flag PX5B91362021-04-0218:12:0011 m PX9H2522SINOP-MTCEARÁUSB
108 flag 3ET1792021-03-3119:00:0011 m 104CI101Corsica IslandRoyUSB
223 flag 26CT43972021-03-2506:55:0011 m 26RD15RodSSB
223 flag 26CT43972021-03-2506:34:0011 m 26SD010SSB
212 flag 178TRC2122021-03-2210:34:3111 m 13SCARAGeorgUSB
212 flag 178TRC2122021-03-2210:33:3111 m 19EK222CornwerdHenkUSB
212 flag 178TRC2122021-03-2210:27:0311 m 13EK101ReckeUdoUSB

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