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This online database, called CBLogBook, can be used free of charge by any CB radio worldwide.

The last 15 contacts

503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2814:47:5011 m 29TW037MICKUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2814:43:5311 m 26EI02STEVEUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2814:35:2111 m 1SA905ROBERTOUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2814:28:2811 m 93CI001DAVIDUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2814:02:1611 m 29AC001TONYUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2813:56:2611 m 68OP777DAVIDUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2813:41:0311 m 116ST007BEKIRUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2719:28:2211 m 329FB002STANLEYUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2719:22:0011 m 14AR4406ROBERTUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2719:02:5611 m 1CI983/EU025PASQUALEUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2719:01:4711 m 163SD117/PWAYNEUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2719:00:4711 m 26LR129RONUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2718:58:1611 m 14CTT043NICOLAUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2718:56:2311 m 14DM019MICHAELUSB
503 flag 329FB0042020-05-2718:55:5011 m 14SD415JULUSB

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