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The last 15 contacts

108 flag PX5B91362020-11-2715:40:0011 m EL OSOMENDOZA-ARGSEBASTIANUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2713:49:3911 m 109CB972/MHUNGARYKOBRA 11USB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2713:49:0511 m 109HA2277/MHUNGARYTAMÁSUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2713:48:4611 m 109CB974HUNGARYAMBRIUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2711:23:0611 m 31HMSPORTUGALHUMBERTOUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642020-11-2711:06:0011 m 34AT/ICR-ACanary Islands Angelo USB
227 flag 14PAT0642020-11-2711:02:0011 m 1AT223ITALYGUIDOUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2711:01:4611 m 31PAT001PORTUGALJOSEUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642020-11-2710:52:0011 m 18VOG126GreeceUSB
108 flag PX5B91362020-11-2614:50:0011 m ?2ª R. - CHILEJOSÉUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2611:42:3911 m 1OD103ITALYGianpieroUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2611:03:2011 m 18VOG126GREECEEUGENEUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2610:47:4511 m 18VOG001GREECEJIMUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2610:15:0011 m 109HA1958HUNGARYFERIUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642020-11-2608:13:0011 m 1AT223ITALYGUIDOUSB

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