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This online database, called CBLogBook, can be used free of charge by any CB radio worldwide.

The last 15 contacts

227 flag 14PAT0642021-05-0816:50:0011 m 14SD218FRANCESTEFANUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642021-05-0815:21:0011 m 14SD259FRANCEEMMANUELUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642021-05-0815:21:0011 m 330AT11SLOVAQUIEMICKUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642021-05-0810:39:0011 m 14RC/OC31AFRANCEUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642021-05-0810:28:0011 m 1AT778ITALYUSB
108 flag PX2E31542021-05-0513:02:0011 m 3PAT355GUARATINGUETAFABRICIOUSB
299 flag 113MY0012021-05-0505:49:1911 m 113JS48KUALA LUMPURAPIJOUSB
299 flag 113MY0012021-05-0503:18:1211 m 113MY025KUALA LUMPURREQQUSB
281 flag 30SD5922021-05-0222:40:0011 m 3AT101Sao pauloUSB
281 flag 30SD5922021-05-0220:45:0011 m 3SD300Sao pauloMarcosUSB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2021-05-0119:31:0011 m 3PAT340SSB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2021-05-0119:30:0011 m 30LO3655SSB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2021-05-0119:26:0011 m 30CB017SSB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2021-05-0119:26:0011 m 3AT027SSB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2021-05-0119:13:0011 m 31LR001SSB

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