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Welcome to the website of CBLogBook!

This online database, called CBLogBook, can be used free of charge by any CB radio worldwide.

The last 15 contacts

302 flag 300RCU/DX2018-03-2218:39:3211 m 1MZ70SSB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2018-03-2218:37:5711 m 1VA009SSB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2018-03-2218:37:5211 m 1CM7EWSSB
248 flag 1VA0092018-03-2218:37:0011 m 300RCUAzlanUSB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2018-03-2218:36:0711 m 1LR090PAULOSSB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2018-03-2218:35:0711 m 1AT519SSB
281 flag 30AT2522018-03-2214:14:0011 m 3PAT242BrazilCarlos 5/7USB
281 flag 30AT2522018-03-2214:08:0011 m 19SD104The NetherlandsGene 5/5USB
281 flag 30AT2522018-03-2214:05:0011 m 19LR963The NetherlandsBas 5/5 AmUSB
281 flag 30AT2522018-03-2214:02:0011 m 13SD591The NetherlandsUdo 5/3-5USB
281 flag 30AT2522018-03-2214:01:0011 m 19EK666The NetherlandsJeroen 5/5USB
281 flag 30AT2522018-03-2213:57:0011 m 19AT142The NetherlandsDervin 5/3USB
281 flag 30AT2522018-03-2213:47:0011 m 3AT101BrazilFernando 5USB
248 flag 1AT4742018-03-2019:54:0611 m 1AT2474terryUSB
281 flag 30AT2522018-03-2016:09:0011 m 3AT101BrazilFerando 5/USB

News from development of CBLogBook:

2014-11-16: New function works on PREFERENCES page. You can set how show your own contact details. Please login, after please try!
2014-11-02: The "mylog as image" works. You can insert the last 15 contacts as image into your webpage. Please login, after please read the INFORMATION page!
2014-09-28: The "PREFERENCES" works, where you can set, what fields show in your Details of contact page.
2014-09-13: Show flags on List of contacts (mylog also), and Details of contact pages.
2014-08-24: The "mylog" works. You can insert this online log into your webpage. Please login, after please read the INFORMATION page!
2014-07-31: The search and advanced search in log, and go to number of contact and go to date of contact functions works. Please use!
2014-07-13: I have found a bug in register, sorry not worked before the create account. Just now I prepared, now working the register.
2014-06-28: The "UPLOAD LOG" works. (Please try!)
2014-06-14: The "DOWNLOAD LOG" and "CLUSTER11" works.
2014-05-17: The "Edit my data" (in "Login" box) works.
2014-05-09: I now works with CBLogBook only slow, because I have lot of job in my workspace (many examination in school).
2014-05-03: The "Edit contact" and "DELETE contact" functions is works!
2014-04-26: The "Details of contact" page done. Please click to a contact on "List of contacts" page!
2014-04-24: I works on Details of contact page.
2014-04-22: The ADD CONTACT and LOG LIST pages works. (Of course I will modify, if some not working well. Please test!)
2014-04-19: I works on ADD CONTACT page.
2014-04-18: The Register and Login modul works. (But yet no works the LOG functions!)
2014-04-16: CB DXCC page done.
2014-04-11: Contact page done.
2014-04-10: The design of CBLogBook done.

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