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This online database, called CBLogBook, can be used free of charge by any CB radio worldwide.

The last 15 contacts

245 flag 29UK19802021-07-3017:40:5711 m 31RC688USB
272 flag 31HMS2021-07-3009:07:1311 m 30RM174JoseUSB
108 flag 3EK2922021-07-2919:27:0011 m 1AT223GUIDOUSB
108 flag 3ET1792021-07-2918:21:3111 m 14AT261FranceLionelUSB
108 flag 3ET1792021-07-2819:19:1011 m 19AT515NetherlandsRonUSB
108 flag 3ET1792021-07-2819:08:4711 m 26AT030EnglandMikeUSB
108 flag 3ET1792021-07-2718:42:4411 m 1AT223ItalyGuidoUSB
108 flag 3ET1792021-07-2516:55:2411 m 26AT132EnglandPhilUSB
108 flag 3ET1792021-07-2415:40:0011 m 1LR279Lucca - ItalyPieroUSB
108 flag 3ET1792021-07-2415:10:0011 m 14EK011FranceJackUSB
212 flag 178TRC2122021-07-2313:33:1011 m 91AT999BogorAcilUSB
230 flag 13MSH2021-07-2217:15:2811 m 1BZEG77EmanueleJS8
281 flag 30AT2522021-07-2209:52:0011 m 1AT/H769Italy5/7 #...InUSB
281 flag 30AT2522021-07-2208:59:0011 m 1SA111ItalyFrank 5/7USB
281 flag 30AT2522021-07-2208:03:0011 m 1AT/B932Italy5/7 #...InUSB

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