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This online database, called CBLogBook, can be used free of charge by any CB radio worldwide.

The last 15 contacts

230 flag 13HN19992021-05-1509:10:0011 m 29EK030Ireland Limerick/CorkDerekF3E
281 flag 30SD5922021-05-1507:10:0011 m 163AT137BelfastAlanFM
269 flag 161WAT1452021-05-1415:25:0011 m 1MC001USB
503 flag 329FB0042021-05-1415:03:4511 m 54PAT104AMAROLSB
230 flag 13MSH2021-05-1415:02:2511 m 13NI8ClausMFSK
269 flag 161WAT1452021-05-1413:45:0011 m 29AT210/MUSB
269 flag 161WAT1452021-05-1413:25:0011 m 14GIM035FrancjaSylvainUSB
269 flag 161WAT1452021-05-1413:02:0011 m 137RB001Isle of ManRonUSB
287 flag 15STEGO672021-05-1411:00:0011 m 13TW666LeipzigAlexFM
269 flag 161WAT1452021-05-1409:48:0011 m 1SA078ItalyGigiUSB
230 flag 13MSH2021-05-1408:53:4011 m 1SF072AustenMFSK
230 flag 13MSH2021-05-1408:10:3311 m 14ZGD61philippeMFSK
150 flag 4502021-05-1407:00:0011 m 742TasmaniaLSB
227 flag 14PAT0642021-05-1316:35:0011 m 331B-HER/TR00BOSNIE-HERZÉGOVINEPOLOUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642021-05-1316:13:0011 m 3 BJAI 01BRASILJAIROUSB

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